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Who Can Benefit From Horticultural Therapy?
Everyone can benefit from horticultural therapy. This element of healing can be defined to improve the lives of people dealing with any ailment or disability whether it be the person who is in need of care or the caregiver.

Horticultural Therapy can help relearn and maintain functions lost due to illness and injury, and enhance the prescribed form of occupational or physical therapy

Specific ailments or disabilities include stroke, brain injuries, cerebral palsy, cancer support groups, mentally challenged, mental ill, geriatrics, those living with AIDS, physically disabled, visually impaired, hearing impaired, stress management, emotional distress, bereavement, etc.

Anyone who needs reassurance they still have an important place in the world as a functioning member of the community. Those that need encouragement and support at a time of uncertainty and fear. Anyone who needs to know there is at least one place they can go where they are excepted as they are, by others who have experienced some of the same fears.

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