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What Kinds of Programs Do We Offer?
The Growing Center, Inc. provides a variety of hands-on horticultural therapy programs. Program themes will include the following:

  • Seed Sowing
  • The Miracle of Germination Transplanting
  • Help, I'm Root bound Growing Houseplants
  • How Plants Cheer People Up
  • Growing Outdoors: The Rewards of Gardening
  • Indoor Gardens: Tomatoes and More in the winter

The Growing Center, Inc. also provides educational programs and workshops open to all members of the community. The topics include:

  • Growing Your Own Herbs
  • Butterfly Gardening
  • Composting: A Key to Healthy Plants
  • Houseplants to Brighten Your Home
  • Vegetable Gardens that Produce

Display gardens are another part of the education mission of The Growing Center, Inc. People will be able to visit the center and get ideas for plants and planting combinations that they will use in their home landscape. Garden themes include a kitchen or “Victory" garden, an herb garden, a medicinal garden, a garden for cut and dried flowers, a fragrant garden, and a children's garden.

The Growing Center, Inc. will also set aside several acres of land for community gardens. This site will be divided into smaller plots (10 x 10 or larger) and made available during the growing season to community members who don't have the room to raise food or flowers where they live.

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