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The Growing Center is a nonprofit horticultural therapy program center. We provide horticulture therapy to all who come seeking the benefits of our programs regardless of their ability to pay. Our needs are many and as demand from the community increases so does the need for funding. We rely entirely on donations, contributions, gifts in kind and foundation funding.

We need your support!!!
Volunteers are the backbone of our success and are needed in many areas, from assisting in horticultural therapy sessions to greenhouse production and maintenance and administrative assistance; there is a place for anyone who would like to help as a volunteer.

Funding is needed to maintain our buildings and improve our facilities. By nature some of our needs are ongoing and some are one time expenses. Donations are very much appreciated and are tax deductible. For more information please call (610) 754-7727


The Growing Center, is offering annuals, hanging baskets, perennials, vegetable plants and potted arrangements to the public. Highest quality! All grown chemically free! The lowest prices around! All these plants are grown as a bi-product of our horticultural therapy sessions. Thousands of plants to choose from in eight greenhouses!

Thank you for your support!

Since you may not be familiar with The Growing Center, allow me to give you some information that will get you better acquainted with us.
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The Growing Center Inc.
1908 Hoffmansville Road • Frederick, PA 19435
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